The Mysterious Burobbu
Secret Santa
Black Friday Bonanza™

A strange, some may say misguided, way of buying artwork.

Secret Santa
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Please note this is not an image of the print. This is a crystal ball, upon which you may gaze and try to tell which print you will receive.

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I have a rather delicious back catalogue of large prints from 2016 that I’m not entirely sure what to do with. I was just going to put them all up on sale, but where’s the fun in that? The Burobbu had a better idea.

Why not buy a surprise print, for the super duper price of £125, and don’t open it until Christmas day. Wrap it up. Write your name on it. Pop it under the tree (You’ll have a tree by the time it arrives.) and wait.

But, I repeat, DON’T OPEN IT until christmas day!

It’ll be exhilarating! In fact, if it was me it would probably haunt me for the next month until on the big day I could think of nothing else and I’d be sick into my stocking with excitement. But then I do rather like a surprise at christmas.

I’ll add a comment box at checkout where you can tell me if you already have something from 2016, and I’ll make sure it’s different.

All the prints are in pristine condition, worth between £295 and £445, are all limited edition and will be signed and numbered like usual.
No prints released in 2017/18 will be included.
You may buy as many as you like, but there is, obviously, only a limited number of prints available! Multiples will be package together unless you tell me otherwise. These prints are non-refundable.
You can still buy one if you don’t do Christmas. Think of it more as a seasonal lucky dip.

The Mysterious Burobbu Secret Santa Black Friday Bonanza™ will end on Sunday 25th of November.

I’m not going to lie, this could be the worst idea I’ve ever had. :D