Experimental storytelling…

I am planning on putting together a book of my work from the last ten years, and I need your help!
It will be easier for some of you than others. Some of you will wonder what-the-tentacle I am talking about. Some of you will absolutely not be able to do it in any way shape or form! Consider it an experiment..

I’d like you to write Megan a postcard.

That’s pretty much it. You can read my rambling thoughts below about why this might work, or you can just jump right in!

I’ll then like to publish these along side the pictures in the book in the hope that, when combined, they will tell a Megan story that is somewhat different to the ‘once upon a time…’ kind.

I am regularly asked about ‘the Megan story’, but I’ve always felt slightly strange telling it. As soon as it’s defined, it loses some of its magic. I have only recently been able to put into words what this magical power is and, rather simply, IT’S YOU! (Yeah, I may have just described my work as having magical power, let’s gloss over it.)

More specifically, the ‘magic’ (better in inverted commas?) relates to a couple of things I’ve always returned to thinking about over the last decade. It’s something to do with the stories you tell yourself, and the way they interact with other people’s stories. It’s to do with the way these layer over each other and create what we think of as reality.
It’s also something to do with the Japanese idea about beauty that suggests perfection leaves no door through which you can enter. In the same way, I’ve often wondered whether a completed Megan story would leave you shut out as merely an observer, rather than having to fill in any blanks yourself. I wonder if the act of filling in those blanks may be how meaning itself is created. That, fundamentally, is what I am interested in and why (I realised this year) I do what I do.

”Oh dear, Tom’s having an episode.”
Well yes, maybe. But bear with me for a second…

Normally you write to a person, but Megan only exists as an idea. This idea is as much your idea as it is mine. What happens if you just try it? Sharing your thoughts/feelings/advice/terrible poetry/recipes/questions/memories/hopes/dreams/failures with a fictional character is rather odd, no doubt about it. But if you HAD to, what on earth are you going to say and why? I am absolutely intrigued. I’m hoping what you write will be instinctual, but also deeply revelatory. :D

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a somewhat fruity suggestion: It’ll be like sending a postcard to your own subconscious! (Via Tottenham.)

They can be anonymous if you like.
Bonus points for tear stains, fancy stamps and Haiku’s. If you can’t boil it down to a postcard, a letter would also be glorious.

Please send them to me here, and I’ll forward them on to Megan who was last seen navigating the Atsui Sea.

Megan c/o Tom Lewis
Unit 1, United House
11 Tariff Rd
N17 0DY

If you can’t find an appropriate postcard, pop your address in below and I’ll post you a Burobbu one that you can use.



*please note that I won’t be able to return any, and by sending them in, you are explicitly giving me permission to publish them! If it in fact works at all…

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